Riverbend Log Homes has been producing quality cedar products for over 25 years and offer a wide variety of natural and pre-finished cedar products. (See photos and descriptions)

Cedar Log Siding (2×6), pre-finished in several different colors to ensure a long lasting, beautiful professional finish. Siding is also supplied in the natural form for those who choose to see a graying natural patina.

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False log corners in both finished and un-finished are available to complement the log siding and offers the “full log” look to any renovation or new construction project.

Rustic cedar rail systems is another one of Riverbend’s specialties and features 6”x 48” Posts, 4”x 96” Rails and 3” x 34” Pickets. Cedar rail systems can be used both as an interior and exterior finish around decks, porches, stairs, lofts and adds a more natural feel and finish.

An added rustic stair system with either “split tree” or “slab” type treads 48” long, with 16’ split tree stringers offers a unique and rugged feel to a cottage, home or lodge interior finish.

Picture below is a typical rustic stair system using split tree design and rustic support posts. We also offer full natural tree main floor to ceiling support posts that can also work beautifully with the natural stair systems.

As a standard, we also manufacture “square stock” cedar products including 6×6 support posts, 2×4 rail stock, 1 ½”x 1 ½” x 36” pickets and 1”x 6” V match pine in random lengths.(See below)

Another standard for Riverbend Log Homes is our beautiful 2×4 and 2×6 cedar decking, available in both natural and as a pre-finished product. We pre-finish our decking by sanding all surfaces to remove the “mill glaze” and then applying two coats of Sico SRD finish on all four surfaces and both ends to ensure, maximum protection for many years of enjoyment.

Cedar V-Match, T & G soffit for roof overhangs and porch ceilings, also is available in natural and pre-finished options. This can also be used on the interior as a wall and ceiling finish.

Custom cedar screen doors are another product manufactured at Riverbend Log Homes and are also offered in natural or with a factory pre-finish. These doors are 1 1/8” thick and come in widths of 32”, 34” and 36” and are 82” high. (All hardware is included)