Building Your Dream

The variety of house plans produced by Riverbend’s design team means that there is a log home to fit every lifestyle. But don’t stop with our ideas! Ninety percent of our customers design their home to meet their personal needs. Furthermore, the versatility of Riverbend’s kits has prompted serveral businesses to use the distinctive log appearance for their commercial properties.

After you have selected one of our log homes or finalized your own customized floor plan, Riverbend is there. Experienced and helpful construction personnel will be on-site to ensure the start of your project is worry-free.

Contact the Riverbend Log Homes sales team today and get started on building your dream!

Waterfront lots for sale on The Bras d’Or Lakes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The property is subdivided into 2-5 acre lots both waterfront and interior. We are also pleased to offer design and construction services for your home or cottage.

The First Step

A simple call, email or fax to the Riverbend design or sales departments will get you prompt, accurate answers to any questions you may have.

A no cost, presentation drawings and quotation package is available to you, on any plan you may be considering, be it one of the standard Riverbend plans or some other favorite style and layout.

Would you like to visit a Riverbend Log Home in your area?

Tel: 1-800-561-3000
Fax: 506-575-2855

The Plans


The Riverbend system features 100% precutting of all log walls, including complete angle cutting of all full log gable ends (lofted models).

Engineered truss roof systems are used on all Riverbend house units, giving exceptional energy efficiency, structural stability and ease of construction.

Information from the National Association of Home Builders

Fire Performance of Log Walls (PDF)
Log Homes—Frequently asked questions (PDF)
Prevention of Air and Water Infiltration (PDF)

Protecting Log Homes (PDF)
The Energy Performance of Log Homes (PDF)